Threads was an experimental art program built out of boredom.
In this program you set the options on different variables and allow the threads to randomly draw them out with the added attributes you set.
You can create strange and interesting patterns and even include words and characters in your design.
Right click the canvas and save your image, maybe use it as your inspiration for your next art piece.
The Encryptor was a challenge brought on by a friend over random conversation. He was wonderinng if I code do it. The Encryptor takes your input whether it be a compatible text file or direct text input, as well as a series of commands and exchanges them with 40 given keys on your keyboard. Its a simple little thing but interesting if you wanted to send little secret messages. Created and coded by The Orange Hat
Last Updated : 2015-01-12
Compound Calculator - Coming Soon!
This is a compound calculator being developed by The Scientist, as his first official coding project!
Its a basic elemental calculator to give you the total mass of the elements selected within a compound.
Further details will be given as this project continues.
10% Complete