Orbit Junkers
Orbit Junkers originated as a final project for a web game development class lead by Professor Carmen Banje.
Orbit Junkers is a game about circular planets being invaded by the Square legion of the asteroid belt.
Magicians and scientists of the Circular planets around the galaxy band together creating the cycling orbiters to destroy the oncoming onslaught with their powerful burst weapons.
These great weapons come at a cost, the source of the orbiters power is the magician's on earth leaving them with only a limited number of burst. if the bursts run out there is no way left to defend the planets and the circular race will be doomed.
Your job as a commander on the circular fleet to command the mages to destroy the invasion.
With near infinite circular planets across the galaxy, you have a tough job ahead of you, good luck Commander.
New Game in the works!
A new game is in the works, please be patient more information will be released as further progress is made.
1% Complete